Bret Sanor is an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God. Bret serves as the Evangelism Director at New Hope Church of God in the Alliance, OH area coordinating outreach events and ministries when not traveling preaching.

In July 2017, Bret stepped away from being the youth pastor at New Hope to focus on his calling as an Evangelist. Bret is very gifted in areas of deliverance, evangelism, healing, prophecy, faith, teaching, and words of knowledge.

Bret Sanor Ministries believes the life of the believer should be accompanied with evidence as in Mark 16:17-18 by signs and wonders as demonstrated in and throughout the New Testament. Bret has seen many significant miracles in his ministry. A few would be seeing many people healed of things like skin disorders, cancer, carpal tunnel, torn tendons, back injuries, the flu, and various illnesses. Also, Bret was in a serious industrial accident in 2002 where he was dead for several minutes and God raised him from the dead despite failed human efforts. God also healed Bret’s body from several broken bones and a severely damaged arm in which doctors said he would never use significantly again in ways like playing guitar or doing anything beyond basic movements. Bret and his wife, Kelly, were told they could not have children due to a serious complication with Kelly’s reproductive system. Bret has documented praying specifically for God to open his wife’s womb and 8 weeks later to the day she found out she was 8 weeks pregnant.

There are many more documented things that could be shared but it would fill a book to write them all down. Maybe someday Bret will do this since he recently became an author. Bret’s first book is now published and available on the BOOKS page of this website. The book titled “What’s the Meaning of This?” is about discovering your identity and purpose. It’s a powerful book with parts of Bret’s testimony in there and his own personal struggles that led to the revelation for the book’s content.

Bret is available for ministry opportunities for all youth events, music ministry (including concerts, clinics, guitar lessons, worship, music workshops, etc.), evangelism, revivals, pulpit supply, workshops, conferences, and various other needs. Contact Bret Sanor Ministries for ministry opportunities here.

Bret Sanor Ministries is a soul winning ministry dedicated to transforming lives through connecting people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Vision: To be a world changer who creates world changers to reach the lost and hurting through the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our communities and around the globe.

Three Principles:

  1. Reach Out – Missionally Minded
  2. Lift Up – Intentionally Compassionate
  3. Connect – Relationally Driven